As long-term partners and owners, Trise’s work strengthens and rejuvenates our neighborhoods by providing much-needed services and opportunities. In our four decades of experience in New York and Miami, we have consistently contributed to growth and development in areas like East Harlem, the Lower East Side, Chelsea, the South Bronx, Bay Harbor and others. We work closely with local groups to guarantee the long-term sustainability of our projects and the vitality of the communities they serve.


Affordable Housing

In response to our community’s housing crisis, Trise has constructed hundreds of affordable housing units for low-income and minority tenants in need. Working closely with local government, we oversaw every step of the project from the first shovel in the ground to move-in day.


Trise development provides accessible daycare to over 300 Children throughout New York. After recognizing our tenants’ need for a safe and responsible space for their children during the work day, we partnered to bring affordable daycare solutions to our properties.

Medical and Health Services

Trise has been involved in building custom and boutique housing for medical, senior and out-patient needs. Our communities face special needs and we work closely to with private and public partners such as medical facilities, hospitals, and city government to deliver for care seniors, medical patients, and the community


Job Creation for the Community

From the construction to property management stages of our work, we have created thousands of jobs in the communities we serve, a virtuous cycle of growth for our neighborhoods. We employ local residents while empowering them through access and affordability.